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Insurance 360 is a free comparison platform for Swiss insurances. With the latest technology of Insurance 360 you can easily select and calculate all premiums yourself.

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All your policies at a glance. Benefit from the best offers. With or without an advisor, you decide. You always know what protection you have. Everything is digital and can be accessed at any time.

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It has never been so easy to compare all insurance companies in Switzerland.

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Digital insurance consulting with Insurance 360.
Optimise personal advice with Insurtech.

Web Plugin

With Broker360 Web Plugin you can easily turn your website into a digital financial platform.

CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Find and build stronger relationships. Improve productivity and performance.
Get a unified view of customers.

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Create new business opportunities faster and easier than ever before.

The Digital Signage Management System

Provide advertising and information to your customers, guests or visitors.

We are a community in love with software.

4 important topics for digitization

Develop platforms instead of just offering products

Turning data into assets

Innovation through rapid experimentation

Customize own value speech

What do the experts say about Industry 4.0?

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Thomas Bousonville

CEO, Art Director

One of the most significant megatrends of our time is undoubtedly digitization.

Just like globalisation, for example, it leads to lasting changes that permeate a multitude of areas of life.

In a competition-driven economic system, companies are under pressure to identify and implement opportunities arising from changing framework conditions at an early stage if they want to survive in the market and steer a successful course into the future.

Prof. Dr. Daniel R.A. Schallmo

Ulm University, DE

“What do vehicle manufacturers such as Rosenbauer, logistics companies such as DB Schenker, compressor manufacturers such as Bauer, elevator manufacturers such as ThyssenKrupp and hygiene article manufacturers such as Hagleitner have in common?

They all use the potential of digitization to offer services to customers more intelligently and more quickly and to actively shape the digital transformation of their business model.

Digital transformation affects all areas of society and especially the economy.”

Source: transform digitally now

David L. Rogers

Columbia Business School, US

“The rules for the corporate world have changed. Business models and processes are subject to constant change due to the emergence of new digital technologies and disruptive threats. This applies equally to all industries. The digital revolution is turning traditional business strategies upside down.

Companies that were founded before the advent of the internet face a major challenge: many of the basic rules and assumptions that governed their business in the pre-digital era no longer apply. The good news, however, is that adaptation is possible.

Source: Digital Transformation. The Playbook.